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Spark builds robust backend solutions that deliver optimal performance.

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Design, development, and deployment of backend systems, including APIs, databases, and cloud infrastructure - with or without a corresponding mobile app.

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From crafting custom backends for complex web and mobile applications to creating cloud-based solutions with elastic computing capacity, Spark can meet your unique requirements.

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Our backend developers combine tried-and-true processes with expertise in a range of technologies to program secure, scalable, high-performance backend software.

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Flexible engagements, responsive communication, and high quality work. Spark goes above and beyond to provide the seamless coordination and exceptional experience you deserve.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Backend Development

Spark's backend development experts can unlock the full potential of your mobile app. We'll build a robust backend architecture to give you the functionality, scalability, and security you need. From user authentication to data storage, trust our developers to engineer a backbone that will support your app's growth.

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Disovery and Planning

During our discovery process, we'll work with you to get a clear understanding of your business, needs, and objectives. Our team will then help you scope out the project and put together a roadmap to implement it.


Architectural Design and Prototyping

Spark's designers will conceptualize the architecture and turn abstract ideas into tangible blueprints through API specifications, mockups, and interactive prototypes. From API endpoints to data flow, we thoughtfully consider every element to provide flawless performance for the entire solution.


Backend Development

Our backend developers will turn the design blueprint into functional code, building the API, database, and server side logic. You'll get regular updates at every stage.


Testing and QA

We performed comprehensive testing throughout the development process. Our developers finetune as needed provide the highest level of functionality, performance, and security.


Launch and Ongoing Support

When your backend is complete, it's time to transition it from development to the live environment. Even after it's deployed, Spark can provide ongoing support and take care of software updates and performance optimizations.

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